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Machining centres by Hermle

Our two machining centres in the Performance-Line represent the highest possible efficiency, and our six machining centres in the High-Performance-Line stand for top technological positions and a high level of automation. Which model is best for you?

In our model overview, you can access traverse paths, interference zones, etc. directly – and then find out more!


Traverse path:
350 x 440 x 330 mm
Body: dia. 320 / H 265
Collision circle: dia. 610 mm
Max. vertical table clearance: max. 430 mm

C 12 machining centre

The C 12 High-Performance-Line machining centre is hugely popular due to its particularly compact footprint.

Traverse paths:
450 x 600 x 330 mm
Body: dia. 450 / H 370
Collision circle: dia. 610 mm
Max. vertical table clearance: max. 470 mm

C 22 machining centre

As the C 12’s bigger brother, the  C 22 High-Performance-Line machining centre has the same collision circle but longer traverse paths and enables larger component dimensions.

Traverse path:
650 x 650 x 500 mm
Body: dia. 650 / H 420
Collision circle: dia. 840 mm
Max. vertical table clearance: max. 600 / 635 mm

C 32 machining centre

The C 32 machining centre machines up to 1000 kg workpieces at five axes simultaneously: from delicate wings for aeroplane models to robust bearing blocks.

Traverse path:
800 x 800 x 550 mm
Body: dia. 800 / H 560
Collision circle: dia. 990 mm
Max. vertical table clearance: max. 700 mm

C 42 Machining centre

The C 42 High-Performance-Line machining centre offers ideal entry into MT technology.

Traverse path:
1000 x 1100 x 750 mm
Body: dia. 1000 / H 810
Collision circle: dia. 1290 mm
Max. vertical table clearance: max. 950 mm

C 52 Machining Centre

The C 52 enables the 5-axis machining of workpieces weighing up to 2000 kg. The optional MT technology guarantees simultaneous milling and turning.

Traverse path:
1200 x 1300 x 900 mm
Body: dia. 1200 / H 900
Collision circle: dia. 1400 mm
Max. vertical table clearance: 1100 mm

C 62 machining centre

As the premium model of the High-Performance-Line, the C 62 effortlessly machines components measuring up 1200 mm in diameter.

Traverse path:
600 x 550 x 450 mm
Body: dia. 450 / H 355
Collision circle: dia. 770 mm
Max. vertical table
clearance: max. 550 mm

C 250 machining centre

As the entry-level model in the world of Hermle, the C 250 Performance-Line machining centre meets the highest standards of quality and durability

Traverse path:
850 x 700 x 500 mm
Body: dia. 650 / H 500
Colision circle: dia. 885 mm
Max. vertical table clearance: max. 625 mm

C 400 machining centre

Compared to the C 250 within the Performance-Line, the C 400 machining centre enables the machining of large components.

Traverse path: 1050 x 900 x 600 mm
Body: Dia. 900 / H 600 mm
Collision circle: Ø 1100 mm
Vertical table clearance max. 775 mm

C 650 Machining centre

The new C 650 is the top model of the Hermle Performance-Line for maximum table load and extremely large milled parts.

Discover the machining centres in detail

What are the arguments in favor of our machining centres? What does the Hermle model range offer? Which machining centre is the most suitable for which application? And what are the automation solutions, options and details?

7 reasons for a Hermle machining centre

They’re as reliable as a goalkeeper on his line, and as precise as a golfer’s putt – our machining centres prove their star qualities in all kinds of different industries whenever efficient and powerful milling and turning are needed. Get the best results, and make it to the top in all kinds of disciplines! To the video…

7 reasons
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Model overview of our machining centres

Machine tools, milling machines? A Hermle can do far more! There's a good reason why we call our models in the Performance-Line and High-Performance-Line machining centres. They enable flexible machining with five axes, and simultaneous milling and turning with MT technology. In relation to their compact footprint, very large workpieces can be machined with them. Go to the model overview of our machining centres ...

Model Overview
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Machining centres and their diversity of application

Milling punching dies for machining tools, machining impellers made of titanium, getting bicycle racks into shape for bike racing: Our machining centres and peripheral devices are successfully used in all kinds of applications and industries. Go to the applications of our machining centres ...

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Automation of Hermle machining centres

Automation is a high priority at Hermle! We've bundled our competencies within our own company, Hermle-Leibinger Systemtechnik GmbH, for the perfect interconnection of mechanics, electronics and automation – and all from a single source, from the same top team, also where service is concerned! Go to the automation of our machining centres...

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Additional magazines for our machining centres

With tool lengths of up to 500 mm and a workpiece weight up to 30 kg, the additional magazines from Hermle provide additional space for machining centres and improve the workflow. ZM 50, ZM 88k and the "auxiliary magazine single or double" serve a wide range of different requirements. Go to the additional magazines of our machining centres...

Additional magazines
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Machining Centres - Options and Details

Machining centres from Hermle produce milled parts in all kinds of shapes. The range of options is correspondingly diverse. For example, our machining centres can be equipped with an automatic cabinet door or a pallet changer. In addition, there are smart details – such as the chip conveyor with internal cooling-lubricant supply and cooling unit. Go to the options and details of our machining centres...

Options and Details
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